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To place a classified or commercial ad on the CCBS website or newsletter, please send your ad to: Capitol City Bird Society, P. O. Box 41221, Sacramento, CA 95841 or email lindanichelmann@yahoo.com

CCBS members are allowed to place one free ad in our newsletter, The Feather Pages, for up to two months at a time. Members may also request to have their ad posted on the CCBS website for up to two months at a time.

Non-members must pay for ads placed in the Feather Pages.  The fee is $1.00 for two months.

Disclaimer: The Capitol City Bird Society assumes no responsibility for the possible transfer of illness or the quality of goods or services advertised on this website or printed in our newsletter, The Feather Pages. Please quarantine all new birds brought into your home or aviary.

Ads will usually stay on website for two months.

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FOR SALE:  Looking for a good home for Black Headed Caique.  Asking $750.00.  Please email jate.smith@yahoo.com or call 916/952-3121.

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