Click below to download our membership form. You can bring it to one of our meetings or mail it to our P.O. Box 41221,

Sacramento, CA 95841


The Capitol City Bird Society is based in Sacramento, CA. We sponsor educational events to support and encourage the understanding and care of exotic birds such as macaws, cockatiels, finches, amazons, love birds, plus many more species. The CCBS is a non-profit 501.3c organization.

We offer a variety of fun and educational programs for members and their guests. Some of these include speakers, slide show presentations, hosting a booth at the California State Fair, November nature outing, monthly newsletter, and a fun raffle at each monthly General Membership Meeting.  Guests are invited.

LEARN - ​Our members enjoy learning new ideas in the practice of aviculture. We hold meetings with speakers and bird shows so members can improve their care of birds.

​Contact Us at:

P. O. Box 41221

Sacramento, CA 95841

 OR  VIA  email

EDUCATE - ​We hold a booth at the California State Fair and at a local elementary school every year to educate on birds and their needs.



UNITE - ​Our club is made up of veterinarians, breeders, hobbyists, and everyone in between. It is important for bird lovers to come together so that our understanding of aviculture can enhance the lives of birds.