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     The Capitol City Bird Society, Inc. is an educational and charitable organization.  Our mission statement is to “Promote the advancement of aviculture by education of its membership and the public to improve husbandry practices, conservation, research and legislative awareness.”
     We sponsor educational events to support and encourage the understanding and care of exotic birds such as macaws, cockatiels, finches, amazons, lovebirds, plus many more species.
  Our Objectives Are:
     *  Education of individuals and dissemination of information regarding the proper management, breeding, nutrition, sanitation, and care of birds and other aspects of aviculture, including but not limited to, the status of wild populations and their habitats as well as captive populations.  Activities will include lectures, field trips, public exhibits, demonstrations, seminars and a monthly publication of an educational nature.
     *  Encouragement of proper care and breeding of birds via safe and humane practices.
Encouragement of the expansion of the number of rare and endangered birds through proper breeding and management of captive populations.
    *   Promotion of sound avicultural practices by cooperating with other avicultural organizations, and appropriate governmental agencies to prevent the unlawful or inhumane treatment of birds.
     *  Encouragement of conservation practices appropriate to the needs of wild avian species.
     *  Dedicating a portion of its income to the advancement of avian research, conservation and legislative awareness.

Capitol City Bird Society

A Non-Profit Organization