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Sacramento, CA 95841

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Sac County Sewer District aka

Old SMUD Building

5026 Don Julio Blvd.

New Start Time -- 7 p.m.

Near the intersection of Don Julio and Elkhorn Blvds.

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The Capitol City Bird Society is a nonprofit, charitable organization under Section 501.3(c) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Donations are welcome. Contact the Capitol City Bird Society by sending an email to send a letter to our PO Box: CCBS, PO Box 41221, Sacramento, CA 95841.

Celebrate The Bird Shop's 36th Anniversary,

Saturday, March 14th!!!

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March 27th Guest Speaker

Aviculturist Carol Stanley and I5

Join the Capitol City Bird Society Friday, March 27th, and meet Carol Stanley, an aviculturist living in Vacaville, CA. Carol is bringing I5 to the meeting, a beautiful flamingo who hatched while Carol was driving up Interstate 5 from Southern California.

I5 likes being the center of attention, so bring your cameras. However, as a safety precaution, Carol asks that you leave your pet birds at home.

Carol started breeding psitticines in 1997. Starting with parroletts, she soon expanded the species she worked with to include African greys, cockatoos and macaws, the largest being the Hyacinth.

After visiting the Miami zoo with John Del Rio, her interest in softbills expanded. Since then, Carol has worked cranes, kookaburras, aracaris, Toco Toucans, White-crested laughing thrushes, Blue-crowned hanging parrots, Senegal thick-knees and more.

In 2008, she hand-fed and raised several Caribbean flamingo chicks for Six Flags in Vallejo. In 2009, she did the same. The intent was to have friendly flamingos the keepers would be ale to have interact with guests. The area to do this was not allocated so the flamingos remained with Carol. A Chilean flamingo joined the flock in 2013. 

Carol is currently art director for the Avicultural Society of America Avicultural Bulletin, a bi-monthly publication and is a board member with ASA.

The CCBS meeting on March 27th begins at 7 p.m. at 5026 Don Julio Blvd., Sacramento. Click on this link  to go to our Monthly Meetings page, where you'll find a Google Map link for directions to our meeting hall inside the Sacramento Area Sewer District building.