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General information and announcements about CCBS activities  and avian events planned for the coming months.  There is also information on the Gold Country Aviculture Society's Exotic Bird  and Animal Expo on September 6th at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora.

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    Blue Breasted Kingfisher

Order Tickets for Barbara Heidenreich

Click here for ticket order form  for the October 10th Fundraiser. Seating is limited, please order tickets early to guarantee your spot. The deadline for ordering tickets is Friday, September 26th.

Classified ads

New for September: Several Bird Cages 

Click on the link to see what's currently available on our classified ads page.

September's Capitol City 

meeting is a mixed Bag

We're having a mini-auction and an Intro to positive re-enforcement training

We'll start off with a mini-auction of 12 to 15 items from  cages and toys to birds and bird seed. Our auctioneer will be CCBS Board Member Robert Brainard. Following the auction, CCBS Board Member Nancy Atkinson is going to give us some examples of positive re-enforcement training that is the foundation of Barbara Heidenreich's approach to animal training. Heidenreich is an internationally known expert on training animals--both large and small.

Would you like to know how to train your parrot to play a mean game of basketball? Using positive re-enforcement, you can train your bird to stop biting and screaming or even play basketball.