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General info and announcements about CCBS activities  and other avian events.

Neena McNulty, our January 23 speaker, says: "To let a bird have use of its wings is the kindest thing you can do." Join her Saturday, Jan. 10 in Woodland for a demonstration. Click here  for details.

Classified ads

Lovebirds for sale. Click on the link to see what's currently available on our classified ads page.

January Speaker

Neena McNulty on free flight

1. Like language, it is easiest for a bird to learn flight skills at a very young age. But older birds can acquire the skill.

2. Your bird will acquire some eye-body motor skills, such as the ability to judge distance, judge the size of an object in the distance and manuver for landing.

3. Flighted birds, like children, have to learn what is dangerous and how to avoid such objects. 

Learn more about how to prepare your bird for free flight at the Capitol City Bird  Society's general meeting, January 23.

New Location for

Monthly Meetings

Sac County Sewer District aka

Old SMUD Building

5026 Don Julio Blvd.

New Start Time -- 7 p.m.

Near the intersection of Don Julio and Elkhorn Blvds.

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New Features on the CCBS Website

Changes to the CCBS Home Page

  • Live feed from our Facebook page
  • Link to Good Bird Inc. Capitol City is now an affiliate of Good Bird Inc. If you order an item from Good Bird's online store by clicking on a link on, Capitol City will receive a small commission. So shop and encourage your friends to shop.

  • New Section Added to Website and Articles On Bird Care Coming to The Feather Pages.

The Website has a new section with tips on bird care and news. We have permission from Drs. Foster and Smith to run articles from their extensive library on our website and in The Feather Pages. We also have permission to run articles from Good Bird Inc.

Let us know what you think of the additions:

Jan. 31 deadline for contest at ZuPreem to win Free Fruit Blend for a Year. Click here to get a PDF with instructions. Click here to go to

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